Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chick Fil A Bowl Reax: Welcome back Trotter

Here's mild mannered Barrett Trotter around the beginning of the year...

Here's Barret Trotter after flipping the Obama play card for 6 weeks...

It's amazing what a little time off will do for a guy. I'm so proud for Barrett for staying so even keeled throughout the season. Somewhere in the Clemson game he lost all confidence, somewhere in the Georgia Dome he found it, and Auburn has some serious momentum going into 2012.

So for a little while let's forget about coordinators, Mike Dyer, and two arch rivals playing each other in the game that belonged to us only a year ago, and savor the flavor of the best game our Tigers played all year.

Passing thoughts...
-The defense still has a ways to go, but all in all they looked much better fundamentally on New Year's eve, especially in the second half. Maybe Chiz should pull a Saban and coach the defense while having a figurehead in place.

-Happy trails Guz. It has been a roller coaster. We all wish you well in Jonesboro Arkansas, wherever that is.

-Anyone else miss Mike Dyer the other night? Me neither. As the O-line grows up, I think we'll miss Dyer less and less if he chooses not to return.

-Virginia's defense is SLOW upfront. Barrett Trotter moved around like he was Andrew Luck (who may be the ugliest white man I've ever seen, but I digress). That #31 ranked defense looked pretty suspect to me.

-Do you know how ridiculous it is that a guy as big as Angelo Blackson can get back there to block a punt? He must a a freakish athlete.

So 2011 is in the books. 8-5 ain't great, but most of us will take it. Remember 50+ freshmen and sophomores saw a good bit of time for Auburn this year. That bodes well for 2012.

War Eagle everyone.

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