Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turning the Tables

When he takes off the glasses, he is like Superman.

After the Iron Bowl, I posted that Auburn's players and coaching staff had changed the perception of Auburn football in one game. Forgive the phrase fellow followeres of the Orange and Blue, but that process rapidly accelerated yesterday with Auburn having the best signing class in its history.

Of all of the signees I think I am most excited about Cam Newton. He's a blue chipper that can give Auburn's offense an instant upgrade. Think about how successful those option pitches were with Chris freakin Todd as the QB. Now imagine an actual threat of a QB keeping the ball and running for 30+. I salivate at the thought.

Auburn signed another great running back in Michael Dyer. He is strong as an ox and can bust a big play at any time.

The O-line signees satisfy our urgent needs there.

I am just as impressed with the defensive upgrades. As Rob said, Jake Holland is a beast who should contibute immediately. Let's not forget Owens is the more highly touted linebacker prospect, and Jessel Curry (already in school) has an NFL pedigree.

Dfensive line? Check. With Whittaker, Lemonier, and Bonomolo (it just rolls off the tounge) the D-line has even more depth this year. Seriously, check out the film on Bonomolo and you can see why I am so excited.

We signed a ton of athletes for the secondary to shore up some holes there.

Gene Chizik and company continue to impress. I cannot wait to see this team hit the filed in the fall, but for now I will settle for our friends in Crimson to be upset about their own top five signing class not being as impressive as Auburn's.

War Eagle, baby!


  1. The proof is in the pudding. Chizik said last year that He and his staff would "not be outworked." When you look at what he and his staff have done from day one, it is easy to see that he is a man of his word.
    I am an 'old' AU man and today is my birthday, never do I remember waking up on this day more happier.
    I'm glad Chzik is our coach. War Eagle !

  2. Well Happy Birthday Aub! Though a class like this is almost like Christmas!

  3. .....The thing about Cam Newton... is that he has both size AND great running ability. Jason Campbell had the size to make throws while being hit, but he was basically just a straight-ahead runner. Dameyune Craig was an awesome scrambler, but at times had trouble seeing over the line. Newton brings both worlds to the table. Only caveat is that I'd like to see a higher completion percentage than he had as a JUCO. You have to make the throws, to keep the D out of the box!

    Acid Reign