Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arkansas Review-Real. American. Football.

"We just threw 9 passes and kicked your ass. How's that for real American football?"--What I wish Gus would have said

So ho hum, Auburn just blew out an SEC opponent on the road. By 18 points. The stadium was a ghost town by the 10 minute mark in the forth quarter.

And Auburn did not even play well.

Yeah. I said it. That was as bad as we have played since the first half of the LSU game.

This was a let down game. Ask anyone who has ever dressed for Auburn who played a game at Arkansas will tell you it is a place to have a let down. And again, this game was never in doubt.

Other random thought:

-Auburn threw 9 freakin' passes in this game. Somewhere a wishbone coach from the late 70's is smiling. The long one to Sammie Coates was a thing of beauty on the back shoulder. I have no idea if it was intentional or if Nick's sore shoulder made that happen.

-Defense must be better against the run. Arkansas ran right at Auburn and had success. Linebackers were not stellar in this one.

-It really looked like Auburn ran about 4 plays in this game. I am sure that is not the case, but we didn't give very much for teams down the road to see.

-Tre Mason is a workhorse. He is so patient waiting for a crease to develop. He has also emerged as a leader. I think that is why we are seeing less and less of CAP, though I personally would like to see both more.

-My kingdom for a cornerback. Auburn is dangerously thin in this area right now. I don't know that it hurts us too much against Tennessee, but those guys need to be well before UGA and Bama.

-Faking injury? Gus says no way. I believe him. It looked like Swain was limping back during the replay. Personally thought the ESPN guys made a big deal about it because the game was not close and uninteresting.

-So that's why he wanted video ofr the swinging gate. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Coach Bert. And while we're on the subject, is it real American football with all the swinging gates, halfback passes, and onside kicking? Just sayin'.

I have heard some Auburn folks grumbling about this win. To them I say, lighten up. We were due a letdown, we had one, and we blew Arkansas away not playing our best game.

Now on to Tennessee and the worst run defense in the SEC. (Hint: if they are worse than A&M, they are in trouble)

8-1. War Damn Eagle!

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