Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr. Z's Preseason SEC Offense

QB- Ryan Mallet, Arkansas-Still having flashbacks of this guy scrambling past Josh Bynes in the 09 debacle. We'll see how that foot is after 2 offseason surgeries.

RB-Mark Ingram, Bama- Think he wussied out big-time in the Iron Bowl. And depending on who you ask, Ben Tate was a better running back in 09. That being said the guy did win the freakin Heisman

RB-Mario Fannin, Auburn- Does any else think this guy is due for a ridiculous breakout year in this offense?

WR-Darvin Adams, Auburn-Sorry Julio, but all I've seen from you in two years is suspect hands a cool hairdo. Adams was statistically the best receiver in the SEC last year.

WR-A.J. Green, UGA-Most athletic receiver in the SEC. Question is-WIll Georgia have anybody to get it to him?

TE-D.J. Williams, Arkansas- Great hands for a big guy (thought I'd give you the cliche' compliment for a big tight end)

OL- Lee Ziemba, Auburn-Has been a rock for his career at Auburn. Geologists are still trying to classify this rock that tends to get flagged for false starts.

OL-Mike Pouncey,UF- Don't know how good he'll be without Tebow in the backfield. I think it's in the bible that blocking well for Timmy T gets you in to Heaven. John Brantley...not sure about.

OL-Barrett Jones, Bama-One of the big reasons that Ingram won the Heisman.

OL-Clint Boling, UGA-Sorry Clint, but now that you are on a preseason all-SEC team, and you play for Georgia, you most likely will have a catastrophic knee injury.

OL-Ryan Pugh, Auburn- He's tough, He's mean, He'll do anything to protect his QB. Did I mention he was mean?

PK-Wes Byrum, Auburn-. 15-16 on field goals last year. The only guy even close to as good is named Blair. I am not putting a guy on my team named Blair.

2010 Preseason All-SEC Defense

CB- Patrick Peterson, LSU (6'1" 211 lbs with 4.37 speed. Enough said!)

CB- Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina (unmatched football IQ, leader, playmaker)

S- Ahmad Black, Florida (leads the best safety tandem in the conference)

S- Mark Barron, Alabama (prototypical NFL safety. Tough against run. 7 INTS!)

DE- Cliff Mathews, South Carolina (quick, athletic, hard working team captain)

DE- Marcel Dareus, Alabama (fast as an end, big as a tackle, tenacious ball pursuit)

T- Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss (says he can't read but he can plug a hole nicely and isn't that all one really needs to be able to do in life?)

T- Drake Nevis, LSU (bench presses 500 lbs and looks like the terminator. Scared not to pick him for fear of retribution)

LB- Dont'a Hightower, Alabama (fast, physical, and instinctive. 6'4" 260 lb beast!)

LB- Craig Stevens, Auburn (co-defensive MVP, consistent, durable, smart)

LB- Kelvin Sheppard, LSU (sideline to sideline maniac, plus he sports dreads!)

P- Blair Walsh, Georgia (last year's winner of the Ray Guy Award as nation's top punter...no dreads surprisingly!?)

Honorable Mention

LB/DE- Justin Houston, Georgia (a demon last season as a DE, moved to OLB this season, 1st team talent no doubt)

C- Janoris Jenkins, Florida (great anticipation and closing speed, undersized)

LB- Josh Bynes, Auburn (could be interchanged with Craig Stevens on my 1st team, but trouble running with TEs in pass coverage is his only downfall, love to watch him play)

S- Demond Washington, Auburn (may be the best player in the league no one knows, look for an explosive year)

LB- Chris Marve, Vandy (solid player, stats inflated because offense is horrendous)

LB- Jerry Franklin, Arkansas (ball hawk)

LB- Courtney Upshaw, Alabama (could have also inserted Nico Johnson and/or Jerrell Harris...Bama has the best LB rotation in college football)