Monday, April 19, 2010

A-Day/Spring Ramblings

*Auburn has four quarterbacks better than Alabama's starter!! Then again, Alabama has four quarterbacks better than Alabama's starter too!?

*Newton will be named the starter. Is he great? Have no idea but the spring game is no measuring stick of which to judge. Secretly I believe he's been named the man and A-Day was merely a chance for Trotter and Caudle to battle it out for the back-up slot...and my nod goes to Trotter. I like Caudle and the way he carries himself and think Auburn could win with him behind center. Trotter though has that gun-slinger, arrogant, Matt Leinart air about him. He's just a winner and I could easily see him winning the battle for number 2. Keep in mind that under the direction of Gus Malzahn, Chris "Dead-Arm" Todd broke virtually every Auburn passing record last season. The Point: We are in good shape at quarterback no matter who lines up there this fall.

*Offensive line will be a veteran group with capable back-ups for the first time in quite some time. This group will be fantastic.

*WR's are loaded. Biggest challenge will be keeping egos in check and finding roles for everyone when the football is not in their hands.

*At running back Michael Dyer needs to grow up in a hurry and be the beast he appears to be on youtube. I've always been a fan of Fannin, but Mario is prone to injury and fumblitis. Don't see Mario carrying the load for 14 straight games unscathed. A Fannin/Dyer/McCalebb punch is nothing I'd enjoy preparing for or attempting to tackle all night long.

*On defense, it's all about scheme. My prediction is Coach Chizik takes more of the defensive scheme under his wing and allows Malzahn to basically run the offensive side of the ball on his own. Depth will be improved along the front seven. We will be loaded at safety and thin at corner, but Demond Washington at one corner will be one the best in the league. Also important will be having the likes of Jess Curry, LaDarius Owens, and Jake Holland cover kickoffs and punts instead of Darvin Adams, Terrell Zachery, or insert walk-on receiver.

*My spring prediction for next season: 11-1 and a trip to Atlanta!

*A well-deserved congrats to the members of the All-Decade Team voted on by the fans. Especially Dr. Z's all-time favorite safety, Will Herring....way to represent Will!!!!


  1. I like Herring too, he and Mr Pate(#31) were two of my favorite players.

    I especially like your optimism "11-1 and a trip to Atlanta". I would be satisfied with wins over Uga & bama. But 11-1 ... I would go nuts.

  2. We split LSU/Ole Miss and UG/UA for a 10-2 season.