Friday, January 8, 2010

The Smug Unhappy Little Man

Smile Nick.

Couldn't help but notice how happy Nick Saban was after his Gatorade bath last night. After adding a "pile-on" touchdown that would make Urban Meyer smile (actually I think the Xanax makes Urban smile now), Nick looked more like he was given a Gatorade enema.

It is almost sad to me that he clearly does not enjoy success even for a second or two on the podium. I just caught his post game presser on WJOX (the official flagship station for Bama bootlicking). He was asked what he did to celebrate. I halfway expected the guy to say "I kicked a puppy" or something. After an absolutely supurb defensive play that let's face it, won the game at the end of the first half, Saban ran down the sidelines swearing at Marcel Darius for throwing the ball in spontaneous celebration.

Nick Saban is probably the best of a group of elite coaches in college football right now. I still pity the guy, because he is one of those people who cannot enjoy the most enjoyable moment. He will lose again one day. My God, it will be enjoyable when he does.

Other assorted thoughts:
-Greg McElroy is a D-bag. 5-11 for 58 yards yet you get to berate your O-linemen? Face facts kid. The only reason Texas was in that game was because your playcaller let you drop back 16 times. Bama could have run the ball every play and still won that game. You were the third best quarterback in the game last night. You should thank the good lord every night that you got to hand the ball to the likes of Ingam and Richardson. I won't even go into you calling out your own fans earlier this year.

-Colt McCoy is a hard luck good guy. I still think Alabama wins that game if he stays in, but it would have been interesting to see.

-Mack Brown's brain cramp just before half made me wonder how he has made it this long at a school like Texas. He has an overwhelming wealth of talent and his big rival in Texas is lousy. Vince Young should get a fruitbasket every Christmas from you Mack.

-A little of the shine is off of Boom Muschamp today as well. That was a soft run D last night folks.

So for this Auburn graduate in Birmingham, these are dark times. In 2004, I said I could die happy since the Red Sox won the Series and Auburn ran the table. Flash forward five years, the Yankess win it all, and Alabama is occupied territory. Unfortunately, I reside in the Warsaw ghetto.


  1. Hey my friend, that was awesome. You made me laugh out loud..I absolutely love your thoughts on McElroy! And seriously, Saban has the look of hate on his face. I think he did crack a smile once during the trophy presentation, but that was about it. And yeah, the roll tide roll and go bammer is making me ill as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts..I always look forward to your sarcasm:)


  2. I have XM radio in my truck, house, wifey car and shop/garage. I have not watched local media since Jan. 7. PF to me = Peter Frankenschmidt on HABOTN. Life is Good. If we make it that way.
    P. S. Do NOT check facebook until June.