Friday, December 18, 2009

AU basketball--'A' for effort, with little to show

Auburn put up 72 freakin shots against Florida St. Auburn made 26 of those.

Foul trouble was to be expected. FSU's bigs clearly outclassed our guys, and with a tightly called game, we had our work cut out for us. Effort was there for sure. Our guys play hard and you cannot fault this bunch for effort.

The result was a 76-72 loss to an ACC middle of the pack team, and a 5-5 record before Christmas.

Auburn should win the rest of their non-conference games, and who knows with the SEC west what the 2nd season will bring.

I have already said that I had high hopes for Auburn this year with Reed, Walller, Sullivan, and Hargrove returning. I am stunned at how poorly we shoot the ball given our perimeter experience, and the free throw line. My God, the free throw line.

We just have to hope the jumpers start falling, or else it looks like another lousy year of hoops on the Plains.


  1. We lost to Sam freakin' Houston!!!!

  2. Who will be the next coach for men's basketball?